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 In-Game Server Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Server Rules   Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:30 am

Hey guys as you are aware our server does abide to rules, without rules the sever would be a Trolls playground and we don't want that, we obviously want our players to have fun but not in a way that is complete nonsense.


No advertising what so ever. = First WARNING, Second KICK, Third BAN.

No SPEAKING in any language other than ENGLISH in SIDE CHANNEL VOICE CHAT.
You can TYPE in ANY language in the SIDE CHANNEL, you can VOICE CHAT ANY language in DIRECT CHAT and VEHICLE CHAT ONLY = First WARNING, Second WARNING, Third KICK, THEN BAN!

NO FIGHTING/BITCHING it will be a straight KICK because no one wants to hear your problems with other players, fair enough they kill you... even if you have no weapons. DEAL WITH IT. If you are fighting on side chat we will give a WARNING then KICK.

NO SWEARING/ABUSIVE LANGUAGE on SIDE CHANNEL VOICE or WRITTEN. Try to refrain from swearing in the other channels = A WARNING then eventually a KICK, can result in a BAN.
This rule coincides into the no fighting rule.
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In-Game Server Rules
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